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Book no.1
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White Earth

Featuring writing & artwork by:

  • Jordan Abbruzzese

  • Fadumo Abdulle

  • Josh Brandon

  • Jess Campbell

  • Kate M Carey

  • Sarah Carnes

  • Erica Costilla

  • Chelsea Craine

  • Lydia Crannell

  • Amelia Christmas Gramling

2015 Spring Magazine

  • Katherine Gregor

  • Jennifer Hall

  • Gretchen Heisler

  • Daniel Kushnir

  • Lillian Mills

  • Jordan Nelson

  • Claudia Owusu

  • Adriann Ricketts

  • Claire Winslow

2015 Spring Mag cover.jpg
White Earth
2015 Single Author Cover.jpg

Single-Author Chapbook

To Only Look Like Something that Can Sting

"For over a hundred years it was believed that Vincent Van Gogh had intended to commit suicide when he died 30 hours after receiving a bullet to the chest. However, recent evidence has revealed the likelihood that he was shot accidentally by two young boys playing in the woods. Vincent lied to protect them, taking the blame for his own death. Van Gogh was deeply misunderstood throughout his lifetime, and his death was no reprieve. These misconceptions are a central theme of this collection, and I cannot help but be both captivated and haunted by the artist's determination to protect those who had hurt him most."

- Claire Winslow

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