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I Took A Walk

By: Allison Steele

Published for the 2023 Spring Magazine


Through the woods
Covered in snow
On the Lord’s Day

I was bundled up in
An undershirt
A sweater
A coat
A scarf
Fingerless gloves
And I probably should have put on thicker socks

It wasn’t cold
Not to me
It filled my lungs
And made me feel

I stayed on the path
Even if it was hidden beneath
A blanket of white
But it felt like an adventure

It’s a religious experience
Walking through the wood
With The Four Winds echoing
Through my ears

On the return trip
I stop for a moment
By the barely burbling stream
And listen

To the water flowing over smooth stones
And the brave birds singing
And the silence
Of the world
Just breathing

I saw a prayer
A proper one
For the first time in forever

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