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White Earth

2019 Fall Chapbook

Featuring writing & artwork by:

  • Lucy Clark

  • Abby Giardina

  • Marcus Hallam

  • Mary Jackson

  • CJ Meng

  • Rachel Nitchman

  • Alexis Sheets

  • Allura Stevens

  • Wesley Strobel

Fall 2020 QQ Cover.jpg
White Earth
2019 Cover.jpg

2019 Spring Centennial Magazine

Featuring writing & artwork by:

  • Rachel Bell

  • Meagan Coultas

  • Alex Futo

  • J.R. Gill

  • Kristin Gustafson

  • Casey Hall

  • Gyasi Hall

  • Mary Jackson

  • Lance Kriesch

  • Sierra Lawhead

  • Rachel Nitchman

  • Claudia Owusu

  • Riley Smith

  • Abby Studebaker

  • Emily Tepe

  • Elise Woods

White Earth

Retro Chapbook

     100 years ago, the first Spring Magazine was released by Quiz & Quill in 1919. Now, in 2019, we have the great privilege of putting together the 100th issue of this remarkable publication. 


This chapbook was inspired by the past 100 years’ worth of amazing writing that has come out of Otterbein students and been published by Quiz & Quill. We browsed archival copies of past magazines to find pieces that are not only great works of writing, but that also offer a glimpse into the time in which they were written.


The pieces in this chapbook span 100 years of history, from World War II to the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. They serve as memorials to specific times and places, yet we hope you’ll be surprised by just how much they still speak to our present-day and resonate with us in the way that only good literature can.

Retro Chapbook cover_edited.png
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